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Well, if we're going to fill you in on real activist movements, we should tell you a bit about real armadillos as well.

Armadillos are animals native to south America.  Their primary defense mechanism is a hard outer shell which is segmented so that they can roll up into a ball - thus protecting their softer extremities (ie. head, tail, feet, etc.)  They live in burrows and are nocturnal. 

Armadillos hear well and have an excellent sense of smell, but are nearly blind and can't see color at all. (How we know that... I have no clue) Their are several types of armadillos ranging from six inches to about 5 feet...

Most armadillos eat bugs... mostly ants, but some eat beetles.  Some, large, varieties also eat snakes, and some are vegetarians!  But they don't have incisors or canines (the sharp teeth just past our front teeth which are used for tearing and puncturing...)  They do have sharp claws though!

Armadillo is a Spanish word that means "little armored thing"... which makes sense, because that is exactly what they are...

And, as an added bonus: an armadillo link! Everything you never wanted to know about our little friends.

*Information for this section (little as it is) was obtained from... my random knowledge from things I've heard over the span of my life, and the above site.





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