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To understand our cause and our ultimate goals it is first necessary to understand the terminology used on this site.  These terms stem from the entertainment industry, and also from the political realm and are not necessarily the dictionary definitions of the given terms.  Rather they are the understanding of the term as it applies to this specific cause and this site.

Entertainment terms

Acknowledgement - credit, as given either verbally in interviews (DVD  commentaries, etc.), or in written form (including, but not limited to end credits, articles, and websites)  As our cause is for animated armadillos this would include having their own section in the credits - this would be their name underlined and underneath listed their primary artist, touchup artist, and voice actor if applicable.

Screen Time - time spent on camera.  That is, the amount of time we actually see the character during the movie.  Due to the influence and popularity of extra features on DVDs this now includes any gallery sketches or "making of" documentary shots as well.

Equal Effort - the attention given to the details of a supporting character (as animals generally are in animation) should be equal to that of a more important character.  Likewise, a small character (such as an armadillo) should be given the same attention as a larger character (such as a horse).  Lines should be clean, shading should be accurate.  Noises should be undistorted and as realistic as suits the atmosphere of the movie.


Political terms

Lobbying - actively 'advertising' a political cause.  This includes the petitioning of congressmen, and presentation of proposals for new legislature.

Demonstration - public events to inform the general population of a cause.  This includes, but is not limited to, large rallies, strikes, public speeches, and marches.   

Legislation/legislature - commonly known as laws.  These are legal guidelines that must be followed and are upheld by the police, courts, and other judicial institutions.

Equal Rights - What a person/animated individual is entitled to, which should not differ significantly from that of other persons/animated individuals







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Use of Materials

SERAA is copyrighted to Andrea from May 2005 - present.

This site is a spoof site.  There is no actual organization (that I know of) called SERAA.  There is no organization that represents what this site claims to represent.  All information not found under "Reality Check" or "Legal" is to be considered fictitious unless otherwise stated.  The armadillo this site was born from is copyrighted to Dream Works and a whole slew of other American companies and people involved with the making of the film The Road to El Dorado.  Both animal rights and human rights are serious issues and this site is in no way intended to make light of those issues.