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  Alright... so there is no political action group known as SERAA... well, actually, there are probably quite a few - but not of them have anything to do with animated armadillos because, let's face it, animated armadillos are... animated - not real.

   So what is this?

   It really did all start with THE ROAD TO EL DORADO and the fact that the armadillo wasn't listed in the credits - but the stupid horse was.  The armadillo was my favorite part about the movie and I said that wasn't fair that he wasn't in the credits since he really did more than the horse did.  Somehow or other my father and brothers and I banged it around until someone made a comment about it not mattering and my saying that as an under appreciated actress I felt sorry for the poor armadillo.  After all "Armadillos have rights too."

  My dad asked if I was going to start a protest or something and I said "Yes, I'll start an organization for the equal representation of animated armadillos!  I'll call it SERAA" - and away it went.

  It was my father who suggested creating a website.  He thought it would be funny.  So... here it is, for better or for worse.   





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SERAA is copyrighted to Andrea from May 2005 - present.

This site is a spoof site.  There is no actual organization (that I know of) called SERAA.  There is no organization that represents what this site claims to represent.  All information not found under "Reality Check" or "Legal" is to be considered fictitious unless otherwise stated.  The armadillo this site was born from is copyrighted to Dream Works and a whole slew of other American companies and people involved with the making of the film The Road to El Dorado.  Both animal rights and human rights are serious issues and this site is in no way intended to make light of those issues.